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Sculptural Ceramic 


Kirke Martin, ceramic & mixed media painting artist.   

Kirke's work focuses on sculptural forms, large platters, towers, structures and amorphous pieces. The clay has been extruded, stretched, torn, shaped, and assembled. The sculptures have an organic, raw feel that reflect how the forces of life and nature intersect, shaping experience, and informing the narrative of the interaction among people-places-things. 

"When I am working on these pieces I work quickly, physically, without a fixed plan, allowing the piece to evolve through the process. I require time and space to think as I start a session. I think about life and place. I think about the fragility of who we are and where we are. I think about the forms and structures that ground us and provide stability, such as buildings, homes, and architectural elements and how these interact with and are affected by humans and the natural world.  I think about nature, trees, rocks, mud and how they change over time. These ideas grow, develop, and change as I work so that the end result is always a bit of a surprise."